Steal My Character: Tar'gel Ramathist

Drow Rogue Assassin Agent

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While this character exists in the realm of Althinon, feel free to change locations, names, gods, demons, etc to fit in your world.

The Tail of the Dog, the biggest organized crime syndicate in all of the Eaglesong Kingdom, doesn't ever recruit. The only way to even get a meeting with one of their agents is to do something that grabs their attention in a big way. Tar'gel knew this. He also knew that Drow were seen as enemies in the kingdom after the Drow helped the kingdom's mortal enemy, The Sardon Empire, almost defeat them centuries ago.

He saw that obstacle as an opportunity.

He decided he would go to the heart of the Eaglesong Kingdom, the capital city of Loridon, and he would assassinate the Captain of The Blood Guard, the city's constabulary. The captain, a human named Balthus Garmok, had been cracking down on crime in the city. Many Tail agents had been arrested, some executed. Tar'gel knew that killing Balthus would be a sure ticket into The Tail.

There had been many assassination attempts already on Balthus, all had failed but Balthus was going to play a long con. He disguised himself as a wood elf and applied to the Blood Guard. He managed, through his formidable powers of deception and disguise, to get accepted. He went through training, lived the life of a Blood Guard for months until, one day, there was an inspection of new recruits, led by Balthus. His chance was here!

Standing at attention, a slim dagger palmed in his hand, his pulse quickened as Blathus came towards him, thinking only to inspect Tar'gel's uniform and weapon, not knowing that he would soon be intimately aware of Tar'gel's dagger.

Tar'gels attack was swift and accurate! Dumbfounded, all around him froze in disbelief as Tar'gel lept for the open window, scaled down the side of the building and into the crowds in Market Square.

It wasn't long before the Tail reached out to him and his career of thievery, assassination, political intrigue and mayhem had begun!

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