Quickstart Manual

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Updated to version 2. Chock full of new features! The Quickstart Manual takes you step-by-step from gathering supplies to planning your TERRAINO set. 

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If Terraino turns out to not be for you, no problem. Get your money back. No questions asked. 


  • New, cleaner visual design
  • Completely rewritten to be clearer and more concise
  • Commercial-free videos provided by the in-manual links
  • More useful interactivity throughout including iconography to make interactive areas more obvious. 
  • New “How to use this manual” section to illustrate best ways to use manuals on different devices
  • New “Planning your TERRAINO builds” section
  • New “TERRAINO Hall of Fame” showcasing the best of the community builds
  • New “TERRAINO Inspiration” section which debuts the TERRAINO campaign setting and the stories and TERRAINO builds set within it 

Get Started in Seconds

All Terraino Construction Manuals are digital and can be used on most any device with a screen (phones, computers, tablets, etc). The Manuals are specially designed to be living documents. Any future updates to the manuals are included in your purchase.
The Manuals are also fully interactive. Links throughout the document interconnect the table of contents and different areas of the document for fast navigation. There are also dozens of links to external resources, including the free accompanying videos, supplies and other resources.