Argus doesn’t remember much about his previous life. He remembers a battle, a charge, then falling, his body unresponsive. He was moved off the battlefield, and he still has visions of a house with a red door. Then pain. Then forgetting. Since then, he has traveled as a mercenary, discovering bits and pieces of his past life. The brand that runs down his arm is the symbol of the Thunder Battalion, a legendary unit of Minotaur cavalry, so called for the sound of their charge. The Battalion was killed to the last by an infamous mage that sought the power of lichdom; Vladen Gis, the Scourge of the Harlan Vale. Gis was long thought killed at the Fall of the Bloodstone Keep, his stronghold where the bones of the Thunder Battalion lie. The only remnant of Argus’ past is the heavy maul he carries with him that burns with a strange, arcane fire. 

Argus chases any lead that might reveal part of his past with the tenacity of a bloodhound. He is troubled by the visions that haunt him, frustrated and angry by his inability to recall, often turning to drink to sleep. He has a special kinship with Rhal, the wizard, who remains the only one who can make him laugh. They are quite a pair; the one who can’t remember and the one who can’t forget. 

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