About Us

My name is Jake Karlsmark. I started GameGearMaster.com in 2018 as a home for the TERRAINO modular terrain system that I created. Since those early days, TERRAINO, GameGearMaster.com and the community of TERRAINO builders has grown by leaps and bounds. 

GameGearMaster.com welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and has become a hub for all things TERRAINO from the TERRAINO Construction Manuals and supplies to crafting tips and tricks, TERRAINO Builder Spotlights and more

GameGearMaster.com is also a Wilmington Business Journal’s MADE award winner. We were recognized as an outstanding business in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina. We strive to live up to that honor every day by giving great customer service and selling products that are consistently rated 5 stars.

The community of TERRAINO builders has also grown from a handful of enthusiastic builders in 2018 to thousands of builders in over 30 countries in 2021. I’ve been so blessed to have this amazing, creative and kind community grow around my little idea of inexpensive, modular tabletop terrain. It still never ceases to amaze me.

GameGearMaster.com has also grown into a full fledged company with a whopping two employees! We also work with a band of talented artists, developers and writers that come on board to help us make our products even better.

This whole adventure that is GameGearMaster.com and TERRAINO started when I lost my job and I was struggling to make ends meet. The thing that kept me going at that time was running Dungeons & Dragons games for my friends. That was my escape from the depression and fear that goes along with job hunting and an uncertain future.

I wanted to put something amazing in front of my players that I could afford. Since I was out of work, I had to keep it super cheap. So, I went to Dollar Tree - the source for the cheapest of materials. That was the start of TERRAINO.

When my players saw the first TERRAINO prototypes on the table, their positive reactions made me realize others thought TERRAINO was pretty cool too. That gave me the courage to make the first handful of TERRAINO videos and post the first TERRAINO pamphlet with templates on GameGearMaster.com.

My obsession with TERRAINO - and the community of amazing and kind TERRAINOers - has only grown since then and has become the driving force of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.