Watch this. TERRAINO tabletop terrain explained.

Easy enough for Beginners. Deep enough for Pros.

  • D&D terrain with lighting. Perfect for 28mm miniatures.

    Terrain for tabletop games like D&D, Pathfinder & Warhammer

    TERRAINO is the perfect tabletop terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer and any other games that use standard 28 millimeter miniatures.

    Already have some tabletop terrain? Maybe some wargaming or D&D terrain? TERRAINO will work with that too.

  • Trace a Making TERRAINO tabletop terrain is fast and easy. Just trace a template onto foamboard, then cut, glue and paint.

    Easy to Learn Techniques

    For most TERRAINO pieces, you just trace from the included TERRAINO templates, cut out the unneeded bits, then glue pieces together and paint. Here's how easy it is to make TERRAINO dungeon walls.

    The TERRAINO manuals and their accompanying templates, tools, textures and tutorial videos take you step by step through making all the pieces you'll need for a great tabletop terrain set for your roleplaying or war games. 

  • Make hundreds of TERRAINO tabletop terrain pieces for just pennies each..

    Designed to be Inexpensive

    TERRAINO tabletop terrain pieces are super cheap because they're made with super cheap tools (just a hot glue gun, ruler and utility knife) and super cheap supplies (dollar foamboard, craft paints and wood glue). This means you can build hundreds - thousands even - of TERRAINO pieces and barely dent your wallet.

    D&D terrain and other terrain solutions are often expensive meaning that most people will never be able to afford enough pieces for a great, usable set.

  • TERRAINO D&D terrain is durable and long lasting.

    Durable and Long Lasting

    Despite their low cost, TERRAINO pieces are durable and long lasting. This is because the foam interior of the pieces is reinforced with a paint and glue mixture that fuses the foam components together making them much tougher.

  • TERRAINO tabletop terrain is modular. Build terrain pieces once. Use in endless combinations.

    Standardized, LEGO-Like Pieces

    TERRAINO pieces are standardized. That means, the pieces you build today will work with the pieces you built months or even years ago.

    They'll also work with pieces your friends build. Combine your TERRAINO set with others for a MEGA TERRAINO set! :D

    The templates and proprietary tools that are included with the TERRAINO Manuals are what ensure that the TERRAINO pieces you build will be the right size from the first piece you build to the last.

  • Join thousands of TERRAINO builders from around the world as you build your TERRAINO tabletop terrain set.

    Use Your Existing Crafting Skills

    Already a pro at tabletop terrain crafting? It's easy to take your crafting skills and apply them to TERRAINO pieces.

    Once you learn to make the TERRAINO pieces, the sky’s the limit. The pieces are a blank slate for your own unique texturing and decorating ideas. You can even design new TERRAINO pieces. Here are some examples of what others have done with TERRAINO.

  • Download the TERRAINO tabletop terrain construction manuals to get started making TERRAINO in seconds.

    Step 1: Download the Terraino Construction Manuals.

    Since the TERRAINO manuals are a digital download, you can get started in seconds after purchase. All the manuals are here. If you just want to get your feet wet, start with the Dungeon Starter Bundle. It includes all you'll need to learn and build the basic TERRAINO pieces.

    And, don't worry, if TERRAINO turns out not to be for you, contact us within 14 days of purchase and we'll give you a quick, hassle free, no-questions-asked refund.

  • You'll only need a handful of tools and supplies to build TERRAINO tabletop terrain. And all those tools and supplies are super cheap.

    Step 2: Pick up some supplies.

    TERRAINO uses the cheapest of materials - dollar foamboard, craft paints & glue- and the most basic of crafting tools - a hot glue gun, metal ruler and utility knife.

    These are items that are available almost anywhere but, if you can't find everything locally, you can order anything you need from our Amazon store.

  • Join thousands of TERRAINO builders from around the world as you build your TERRAINO tabletop terrain set.

    Step 3: Make as much TERRAINO as you want.

    Don't be limited by your time or budget! Most TERRAINO pieces are less than 10 cents each and super fast to make.

    Why? Because TERRAINO is designed not just to be a great terrain system but also a system that is easy to make and cheap. For more details on the TERRAINO system, check out this video.

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Build an old-school DnD terrain dungeon crawl. Win the new TERRAINO tabletop terrain construction manuals.

3rd Annual TERRAINOTOBER Contest!

Build and old school dungeon crawl using TERRAINO.

Entry deadline is Sunday, November 7th!

Win the new Castles & Catacombs and/or the Modular Grid Tiles manuals!

Add hashtag #terrainotober to your entry and post on social media or on the TERRAINO Discord in #terrainotober-submissions !

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