• Fast, easy and cheap to make, by design.

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What is Terraino? Why is Terraino? ( Press Play )

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Perfect for beginner and pro crafters alike. Fast, cheap and easy to make, by design.

Terraino is scaled to work with standard miniatures used in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and almost any tabletop game that uses standard 28mm scale figures.

Terraino is the super cheap alternative to traditional, expensive, modular tabletop terrain. Terraino is only pennies a piece because you build it using simple to learn techniques out of super cheap materials you can get almost anywhere. Build your Terraino set once and reconfigure it to make whatever you can think of! Get started right now by downloading the Terraino Construction Manuals complete with the innovative tools you’ll need to make Terraino quickly and easily for just pennies a piece.

The magic of Terraino comes from it's re-usability, insanely low cost and, most importantly, it's standardization. It's the key difference between Terraino and any other low cost, fully 3 dimensional, crafted terrain. This means that the Terraino you build today will click together perfectly with Terraino you build a year from now, or even someone else's Terraino pieces!

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Thousands of gamers have embraced the Terraino modular terrain system

I started making Terraino about a week ago and I love it. I love dnd and love that Terraino gave me access back to my crafty side  ...  I'm so glad I found this! 

Jessica M.

Thousands of gamers have embraced the Terraino modular terrain system

I am building my own map with your techniques. I cannot believe that no one has ever done this before now!

Dominic B.

Thousands of gamers have embraced the Terraino modular terrain system

I found Terraino when I was looking for alternatives to 3D printing.  I spent $20 on supplies and I'm well on my way to giving my D&D players some amazing new battles. 

Ken M.

Thousands of gamers have embraced the Terraino modular terrain system

This is great stuff ... DIY terrain craft is seriously fun and having clear instructions is super helpful.

John L.

Thousands of gamers have embraced the Terraino modular terrain system

This system is so friggin' cool!

Jeff F.

Start your Terraino journey with these 3 steps:

Step 1: Download the Terraino Construction Manuals.

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Step 2: Pick up some supplies.

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Step 3: Make as much Terraino as you want!

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Terraino Builder, Loki - From Never Crafting to Crafting Pro

"Most I've ever done is draw out maps on a game mat. ... I was looking into 3D printers and for some reason the FB ad kept coming up, so i said, 'Let's give it a try.' ... I just purchased the books and took off on it, went to Dollar Tree the next day, Amazon Prime on all the other items and that did me in. "

See Loki's Terraino Set

Artistic Talent Not Required

If you can trace, cut, glue and paint you can make Terraino. Tracing templates included with the Terraino Construction Manuals and a handful of simple techniques are all you need.

Get Started Risk Free

All Terraino Manuals come with a 14-day, hassle free 100% money back guarantee.

Can't find supplies locally?

Click to order Terraino building supplies on Amazon!

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Join the fun!

Have questions about Terraino? Talk to 1000+ actual builders on Discord!

Get tips and tricks for building your Terraino set and show it off to the world, if you want. You can even combine your set with your friends' Terraino sets. Build your imagination today!

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