Ferrus was born, or created, by the Grandmaster of the Artificer’s Guild, Vilsik Ironsmith, the great Dwarven inventor. Designed to be the perfect soldier, an army unto himself, Ferrus was trained in all manner of weaponry and martial arts, hidden blades welded into his arms and armor fastened by bolts to his body; and yet, Ferrus developed a liking for inventions of his own, making small mechanical butterflies for companionship, each invention growing more intricate and advanced than the last. Eventually, Ferrus discovered the true reason behind his creation; he was to be a vessel for Vilsik when the latter died, transferring his soul into the iron body and displacing Ferrus’ own. Ferrus ran away in the night in an act of self-preservation, traveling far and wide from the agents of the Artificer’s Guild, who still seek him to this day.

Ferrus is, in human terms, barely more than a precocious child, amazed at the wonder of everyday life. There is nothing more important to him than his friends, those who have adopted him and accepted him for who he is and what he is. He seeks to create, fighting against his master’s purpose to destroy. 

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