Eamon Valerian

Eamon Valerian

Eamon was born to a courtesan in the seaside city of Commeragh, in the Kingdom of Agraine. He came to adulthood hard and early, first cleaning the brothel and then providing security once he reached his full height. Always smaller than the men he would often have to throw out, he learned the value of hitting first and hitting last. When he turned sixteen, his mother told him who his father was; Orenthis Valcouteur, the Baron of Mont Trieste. Armed with a letter of introduction from his mother, Eamon set off for the nearby castle, hoping to meet his father and begin the life he’d been denied. The baron was childless and approaching middle age, and Eamon thought, perhaps, the baron would name him heir and train him in the ways of the aristocracy. This was not to be. The Baron laughed when Eamon introduced himself and then made unkind comments about his mother. Eamon very rashly decided this was unacceptable and challenged the Baron to a duel. The duel was quick and the Baron died even quicker. Eamon was, of course, thrown in prison at the infamous island fortress of Rhicardun, and it was there, between his seventeenth and eighteenth escape attempts, that a strange voice came to him in the night, offering him power and knowledge and vengeance. 

Eamon is young and prone to outbursts of anger. He’s defensive about his background and fiercely protective of his mother’s reputation. He writes her as much as he can and still plots to regain his rightful land and title, in order to provide a better life for the women that raised him. As he often tells Petra, “You didn’t make good choices; you had good choices.”

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