Petra d’Auran

Petra d’Auran

The youngest child of Earl Armand of Mornton, Petra was destined for a career in the clergy. Her eldest sister was groomed as heir, her eldest brother was commissioned a military officer before his thirteenth birthday, and her other siblings were assigned to the Diplomatic Corps, the Guildhouses, and the Helioscopic Academy, respectively. Petra was handed off to the Cult of Lys at Rhondisfarne at an early age. Showing an early mastery of the holy rituals and the lower tier of magic, she was fast-tracked for advancement. She studied hard for long hours, throwing herself into the temple life, hoping to fill the void left by her absence from her large family. After the completion of her studies, she was advised to travel a bit and gain some perspective on the lives and trials of those she would minister to. It was on her first night outside of the temple that she met Eamon, the troubled young man claiming to be the rightful Baron of Mont Trieste, who carried a green-flame sword.

Petra has been sheltered all her life, first with her nobleborn family and then with the religious order. She has a great wealth of learning, but little in the way of practical knowledge. She has a particular hatred for corruption and avarice, especially from those in positions of power. 

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