Bonk was always a victim of his appearance. Everyone assumed he has dumb because of his orc heritage. His grey-green skin and very obvious tusk-like bicuspids never let anyone forget his heritage.

He found a home with the Tal’Ryken, an up and coming criminal organization in the capital city, Loridon. While he thought he was in the right place, he hated the work that they had him doing. He was always the muscle. He’d be sent to collect protection money, rough up someone late on loan payments. He always got to use his brawn, never his brains.

He was stuck under his handler, a halfling named Mentler. A little shit of a man who willfully disregarded Bonk’s obvious talents - well, they were obvious to Bonk at least.

Bonk hatched a plan. Kill two birds with one stone. Kill Mentler, thus getting rid of his impediment to a better career and proving to the higher ups that he can pull off a full fledged assassination. That type of extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed in the organization.

He used Mentlor’s assumption that he was stupid to his advantage. He grovelled over Mentler at every opportunity, he intentionally failed at even the simplest tasks until it got to the point that Mentler completely disregarded him as harmless.

The day finally came when Mentler had had enough. Mentler usually had his private guard around him but, apparently, when he was just dressing down the lowly Bonk, he didn’t feel the need. Bonk took the opportunity to stick a knife in to Mentler’s chest, locking eyes with him as he did, showing that he wasn’t as stupid as Mentler had believed and that he had been played right into his own grave.

He moved the body into the corner of the office and sat down at Mentlor’s desk. Stabbing the bloodied dagger into the top of the desk, a sign of his newfound power. His deed didn’t go unnoticed for long and he was never seen the same way again.


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