Delfon Felenberry

Delfon Endlebrey had seen too much in her 80 years. Decades in the service of her giver of life, the Goddess Amoria, Siren of Light, Prosperity and Good Fortune. She was a stedfast Keeper of the Light, a beacon of the ideals of Amoria in the mortal world.

She fought to push back the darkness at every turn, yet it just kept coming. Her bones and her heart were growing weary. She no longer saw the practicality of only having the light in the world. It was a fight that would always be destined to be a stalemate.

Delfon saw another way, she decided to live in the grey, with all its faults, it’s pains, it’s injustices but also it’s joys and loves. She decided that she would be her own judge of what to fight for.

She wandered throughout Althinon this way for decades and she was content. Helping where needed, hurting when necessary. Then she came upon Baron Tekrus, a petty tyrant of a small Barony on the Northern shores of Tabarra. He killed his own people for fun and sport, taxed them into extreme poverty and seemed to revel in using his axe - Cleavebringer - whenever possible.

Delfon’s justice was swift.

The petty tyrant cowered in fear of her as she used his own axe against him, relieving his body of his head. In the act of decapitating Tekrus, Delfon felt a sudden rush of pleasure and power. Cleavebringer spoke to her, not in words, but in images and feelings. It showed her the path she had taken so far, her path of justice and her own brand of morality, and it showed her a path forward with Cleavebringer in her hands taking down greater enemies than she ever thought it possible for her to defeat.


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