En'rel Amelthin

En'rel Amelthin grew up among the Mystgrove Clan in the Great Woodlands. His was a world of joy and innocence. One would say it was near idyllic.

As a child, he spent his days playing his lute for friends and the occasional coin. But then came The Blight, the wasting disease, the disease that darkened the wood, destroyed The Great Old Ones of the forest and turned good elves and druids to evil. It decimated his native home.

When he started to see the signs of The Blight on himself - the dark purple spots on his skin with tendrils creeping out from it slowly taking over his body - he ran. He just... ran. He didn't know what else to do. He was on the cusp of adulthood and he was acting like a child. Fear had overtaken him.

For the next several weeks he lived on the outskirts of the forest in a cave as he watched The Blight slowly overtake him. He started feeling the change in his mind, the images of pain and suffering, the lust for blood and violence getting ever more enticing. Little did En'rel know but the cave that he was currently calling home was on the edge of Ka'Wren gnoll territory. A scouting party of 3 Ka'Wren saw smoke from En'rels cooking fire and found him, now almost completely changed by The Blight, his eyes a dark obsidian, his skin grey with dark tendrils like rivers on a map creaping across his body.

He was now one with the dark.

En'rel still had his wits about him, his knowledge of the wood, and he had is lute, the only thing that could pass for a weapon. He heard the gnolls coming, he didn't much care who was coming, he only wanted blood. En'rel managed to knock out two of the gnolls just with his lute and fists but the last one managed to club him upside the head.

When he awoke he was in a Ka'Wren war camp. To his surprise he saw a mix of gnolls as well as half elves, elves and druids - normally mortal enemies of the Ka'Wren - but now, thanks to The Blight, fighting alongside each other. En'rel had found where he belonged. The Blight had brought them all together and En'rel felt at home. En'rel soon joined the Blood Greve, warriors of great renown within the Ka'Wren.


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