Gobber & Telson

Gobber’s first memories are of waking up in the woods, a white dire wolf staring at him, sniffing him suspiciously.

He was 4, maybe 5 years old and he was recently crippled from when the roof of his house collapsed on him during a Ka’Wren attack. His legs were lame, a sign of weakness not allowed in Goblinoid society. Normally, children such as him are killed outright. Gobber suspected that his parents spirited him away to at least give him a chance at survival.

Now he was staring at a wolf. He thought his life may not last that much longer after all. To Gobber’s surprise, the wolf seemed more curious than anything else. Gobber reached out his hand for the wolf to sniff. Gobber decided to name the wolf Telson, after the little dog - Gobber’s only friend - that used to wander around Bonecrusher warcamp where Gobber grew up.

Gobber’s friendship with Telson was a new lease on life, and a new set of legs for Gobber. After that day, the two were inseparable. They formed a bond beyond words. They acted as one.

As Gobber matured, he thought many times of trying to reunite with his parents but his useless legs always reminded him of the fact that he would most likely never be accepted.
Years later while overnighting in a seedy boarding house in Sard, he woke up to find a letter had been pushed under the door. The letter started:

<i>Agent Gobber,

Two things are fact and unchangeable:

You were maimed and died as a consequence of it.
Your were maimed and your death was faked to save your life.

Both things have happened. Both things will happen. But you will choose which one is folded into history going forward. Time abhors paradox.</i>

The letter went on to put forth a proposition for Gobber to go back in time to essentially save himself, but for what purpose? The letter was accompanied by a Scroll of Time. He read the words on the scroll and was immediately taken back to the fateful day of the Gnoll attack on Clan Bonecrusher. The day he lost the use of his legs.

He instinctively knew the layout of the camp. He found his hut. He found himself … just as the roof was about to cave in. He saw his father, Boomer, running towards the tent, now engulfed in fire, but Gobber knew he would never make it in time. Gobber, on Talsen’s back ripped through the side of the tent, grabbed himself and pulled him out of the tent just as the roof beams collapsed, destroyinging everything inside.

Boomer rushed over to Gobber, not knowing he was addressing his own son from the future. He thanked him, tears in his eyes and said “I can never repay you but please, take this as a meager offering with my thanks!” Boomer handed over his rifle, one of his own design. On the side of the rifle’s stock it was etched with it’s maker’s name “Boomer’s Stick” yet from battle and years of use, some of the letters had been smudged out.

Gobber had gotten his Boom Stick.

With his mission complete, his vision of the past faded and he found himself in what looked to be a massive clock tower, an elderly man in front of him. The man, who went by the name of Unther, told Gobber how he was now a man out of time. As such he would become a Weave Walker, a being that can sense the ebs and flows of time itself. His life as a planar agent - beings tasked with stopping paradoxes and forces bent on breaking the fabric of existence itself - had begun.


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