Yendell Augerghast

While Tiefling’s are normally revered in the Sardon - they are the majority of the ruling cast in The Empire - a Tiefling with elven blood is seen as an abomination. This was Yendell’s cross to bare.

His parents had always been outcasts but chose to stay in the empire nonetheless. Yendell could never understand why they would want to stay somewhere that is openly hostile to them. He pitied them, he felt embarrased by their lack of courage to change their lives for the better.

He was determined to do better. He would find his elven ancestry and a place where he would be accepted. Living on the streets of Sard, with all it’s thieves, con men, murderers and the occasional easy mark to steal food or coin from, Yendell had learned how to survive.

He took that knowledge with him, along with a few silver coins, a dry loaf of bread and a bedroll, made out of an old man’s cloak that he stole, and headed towards the Great Woodlands, home to the Syndarin Wood Elves. He didn’t know what he would find there. Would open arms greet this tiefling half breed?

His journey was long, months of walking but despite hardships he made it to the great woodlands at the start of Spring. He managed to sneak into the Emerald Valley Keep, the seat of the Adron Alliance, the governing body of all Light aligned peoples of the Great Woodlands.

He lived in the shadows, hiding in the stables during the day, foraging for food at night until, one fateful day, he was caught by the blacksmith, Jeltay, who was working late shoeing a horse in the stables.

Fear overtook Yendell. He pulled out a knife in self defense. The old man Jeltay, a look of compassion on his face, told Yendell that it was allright and that he wouldn’t hurt him. He was in a safe place. Jeltay brought Yendell to Elder Greybeard, a friend and head of the Adron Alliance.

While hesitant at first, Elder Greybeard, through his magics of the wood, sensed that Yendell was one of them, despite his Tiefling side. Yendell had the magics of the wood flowing through his veins. He was then apprenticed to Druid Ansel, who made him the powerful druid he is today.

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