270 AB: Early Expansion

By 270 AB, during the reign of Rickard I, Rhondisfarne controlled everything north and south for fifty miles of the headwaters of Greater and Lesser Duna. Their wealth grew and Jaimes, 8th Earl of Barret, swore fealty to the King at Rhondisfarne. Sensing an opportunity, the King married his eldest son and heir, Edwin, to the Earl’s daughter, and then married his remaining children to the heirs of the neighboring states of Calan, Wheston, Parah, and Mancaster. For many of them, this was a capitulation they would make sooner or later, either by marriage or by war. The Great Marriage occurred in 273 Ab and further cemented the power of Rhondisfarne that now controlled the River Duna from the moors of Irie to the lowlands of Wallis, bringing the states of Eaton, Barret, Calan, Wheston, Parah, and Mancaster into the kingdom.

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