The Sisters’ War

Consolidating such a vast amount of land takes time and the next hundred years was a period of general peace, notwithstanding the peasant rebellions of the conquered D’Astion territory (342-386 AB). Much of this unease was handled by the newly ennobled Earls of the southern marches, all military men with a proud Agrainian heritage. The northern part of the kingdom, however, would soon see its share of strife. In 435, Vicaria I, great-granddaughter of Anne II, came to the throne amidst a time of peace and prosperity. Within six months, such a peace was broken, the land tossed into civil war. Called the Sisters’ War, Princess Leyton, younger sister of Vicaria, declared herself Queen and staged a coup that would banish the rightful Queen Vicaria and her son Daven into the Wilderness of the Darkwood, the unclaimed land north of Irie where bandits and renegades thrived away from the law. During her exile, Vicaria came to see visions and was regarded as a prophetess of things to come. Many of her visions are lost to time, but some remain in written form, housed at the Great Library at Rhondisfarne. Drawing a following, she took back the throne in 440 AB, executing her sister and ending the civil war.

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