What would eventually become the Kingdom of Agraine had nominally humble beginnings at the city of Rhondisfarne, which would become the capitol of the great empire. Located on the northern bank of the River Duna and just before the split into Greater Duna and Lesser Duna, Rhondisfarne was uniquely placed to dictate events to neighboring states. Goods coming downriver from the region of Irie were stopped and charged a hefty fee to pass through the borders of the great city. Food shipments coming up river from the region of Wallis were subject to the same. Rhondisfarne grew rich from the river trade and their shallow-water navy kept the river pirates at bay. These small ships, made specifically for shallow water, allowed Rhondisfarne to move their powerful army into battle with lightning speed. Asharon, the first to name himself Earl in the manner of neighboring states, was an early warlord and river pirate of the warring states period of Agrainian history. Securing the city from the lord that ruled there, he instituted laws, councils, and a safe marketplace. The Vikir, the name given to the warriors of Rhondisfarne, have their lineage carried into the Royal Army, headquartered in Rhondisfarne.

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