The First Border War

The first true test of Agrainian mettle came in 1364, when border skirmishes with Irie erupted into full-blown war. Wallis, being a member of a dual marriage and defensive pact with Irie, also declared war on Agraine, forcing the middle aged King Tiberion I to fight forces on two fronts. Tiberion devised a genius strategy, dependent upon pulling the respective forces deep into Agraine and then cutting their supply lines. He would hit and run, then retreat, forcing the Irien and Wallisy forces to follow. Then, he would send raiders behind their lines to attack their wagon trains. He led both armies on a chase around the plateau while the cities remained safe behind their walls. The Sacking of Harhellan took place in 1367, the only major city to fall to enemy forces during the war.

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