The Kingdom of Agraine

The Kingdom of Agraine emerged during the reign of Deron II, called Deron the Great or Deron the Unifier. Inheriting the throne from his mother at the age of forty-two, Deron embarked on a decades-long war that lasted almost thirty years. The Northern Campaign, as it came to be called, extended the borders of the Kingdom of Rhondisfarne all the way to the foothills of the Icekeeper Peaks, the northern range that extends off the Titan’s Spine, all the way to the borders of the newly unified Kingdom of Steys. King Deron and the Prince Consort Willem, the commander of the unified armies, systematically conquered state after state in their attempt to unify the Agrainian Plateau. The final holdout, a powerful coastal state ruled by the Earl of Mornton, finally fell in the summer of 784. Deron was eighty-three years old and returned to Rhondisfarne to rule for another ten years, as King of Agraine.

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