The Infernal Farmhouse

The Infernal Farmhouse

“Shh! There’s something up ahead.”

Eamon stalked silently through the dense foliage, hand at the hilt of his longsword. They had been traveling for days through the Darkwood, taking care not to attract the attention of the Wood Whisperers that called the Darkwood their domain. The holy order was rarely forgiving of those who trespassed in their forest.

The dark forest opened up into a clearing, nearly a quarter mile wide at the middle, forming a perfect circle. Eamon, who had some experience with the divine and the infernal, knew enough to know hallowed ground when he walked upon it.

Petra soon followed him into the clearing, her vestments dragging through the heavy underbrush, the ever-present holy book of her order at her side. Eamon spared a glance at the book. His patron gave him great power, but the aura surrounding his cleric companion still made him shudder.

“There’s a farmhouse up ahead in the clearing. Looks abandoned,” he said, looking over the broken shutters and falling shingles. What was a farmhouse doing in the middle of hallowed ground?

Eamon and Petra crept into the clearing, careful not to make a sound in case something or someone remained within the structure. Approaching the door, Eamon whispered a few words to his patron and green flame leapt down the length of his blade.

Petra rolled her eyes. “What is it with warlocks and melodrama?” she muttered under her breath. Eamon pretended not to hear.

Argus, their Minotaur companion, stumbled out of the forest with his heavy flail dragging behind him, forming a furrow through the vines and moss. Rhal, the wizard, walked behind him, drinking from a wineskin. Neither seemed particularly perturbed by the clearing and strange farmhouse.

Petra dashed ahead, circling the corner of the building. Eamon readied his stance and lashed out with a foot, the rotten door crashing inward. All in the party, even the normally stoic Ferrus, turned toward the sound that pierced the quiet serenity of the clearing. Eamon paused and turned back toward his party, shrugging apologetically. That was when he saw it.

A mass of shadow gathered in the forest, moving quickly, too quickly to be mortal. It leapt from tree to tree, erupting out of the treeline heading directly toward Rhal and Argus.

Roll initiative!

TERRAINO allows you to build more than just the templates in the TERRAINO Construction Manuals. Parts of this abandoned farmhouse are based on existing TERRAINO pieces found in the Terraino Taverns & Towns Construction Manual. Making your own TERRAINO allows a one-to-one representation of your campaign. Make it as detailed as you like, all for pennies a piece using foam board, hot glue, and paint. 


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