Terraino Builder Spotlight: MadRose's Terrainotober Dark Harvest

MadRose's submission for this year's Terrainotober challenge is downright gorgeous! He's really made Terraino his own, with beautifully rendered and painted stone textures and great looking roofs complete with a custom pointed roof piece (I'm gonna steal that!), as well as double-height stained glass windows and walls from the upcoming Terraino Strongholds Manual (but currently available to Patreon GameGearMaster Members). 
Our heroes are called to investigate mysterious disturbances in the village graveyard and reports of the dead rising from their graves.
It also looks like MadRose has been paying attention on the Terraino Discord as it's clear he's used some ideas from there in his build, including Mattimeo's Terraino trees and possibly a riff on his graveyard walls as well.which are painted to perfection.
The heroes arrive at the House of Remembrance and come face-to-fist with the necromancer!
It is up to them to cleanse the evil from these one-hallowed grounds and put an end to the necromancer's dark harvest.
MadRose went above and beyond with their build and that's why they are one of this years Terrainotober winners!
Check out more of MadRose's build in the Terraino Spotlight video!

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