Terraino Builder Spotlight: EvanNX's Terrainotober Dark Harvest

EvanNX's Dark Harvest submission is charming. It's complete with a story (in the captions below each image) of a clueless band of heroes walking enthusiastically to their doom. A commentary on players perhaps? :D
EvanNx's entry combines pieces from the Terraino Basics and Taverns and Towns manuals to great affect. He's also created some custom pieces, including half height walls and a dais for a custom, Great Pumpkin!
I really loved the story for this entry. It's an adventure that I would like to experience. I also love how he managed to fit his entire adventure into one diarama. You could literally assemble it once and have several sessions of play. Brilliant!
The whimsical, tongue in cheek nature of the build also won me over. The Naivete of the adventurers in the story, the fun, cartoony monkey, leaf and pumpkin signs - it all sets the stage for something that doesn't take itself too seriously which makes it so perfect. I want to play in this world that EvanNX has created for his players.
Check out the images below and be sure to read the captions to follow along with the adventurers as they traverse this Dark Harvest!
As they enter the town they see the annual pumpkin decorations scattered all around. They are quite surprised to see the villagers have all decided to dress up as monsters to greet them though...
Over here we can see the Monkey's Fist tavern. Ironically, these villagers chose to dress as gorillas. Should be a fun time!
Our party splits up. At the Monkey's fist, they are told they should explore the Harvest maze at the back of town.
The other half of the party meets the villagers dressed as an orc and a goblin. They are very excited to meet our heroes, ushering them toward the Harvest Maze at the back of the town.
"What's that? Did you guys here some yelling coming from that tower over there?" Unfortunately a wild dog (or something) was hiding out over here, I guess we can come back to the tower later...
How thematic, costumes of a flame elemental working the forge with a lava creature. These dogs don't look too healthy though, we'll keep heading to the Harvest Maze.
Here it is! This looks like such a friendly place! Who wants to go first??
Little did our heroes know that THEY would be the crops that are collected for this Dark Harvest.
Those poor villagers, trapped in the tower. The heroes almost came to save them but alas, these poor souls will also be added to the Harvest.
Check out more of EvanNX's build in the Terraino Spotlight video!

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