Mattimeo's Terrainotober Dark Harvest

Mattimeo's Terrainotober Dark Harvest

Mattimeo (also known as Travis Searles) was last year's Terrainotober winner (check out his winning entry here). Clearly he's upped his game this year having designed multiple new, great looking Terraino pieces as well as some neat accessories!
Mattimeo's build revolves around the legend of Beowulf and King Hrothgar's mead hall where the evil Grendal would come and kill King Hrothgar's people. I thought this was a really interesting premise and one I'd love to play in a tabletop roleplaying setting. We all know the story of Beowulf, but to 'live' it would be something special.
Upon the rolling hills erects the great mead hall known as Heorot...
Mattimeo also made these great backdrops with ominous clouds and a full moon to help set the mood. It's a great addition and something that definitely completes the overall look.
The hall was built by King Hrothgar and his men for his people to eat, drink, and celebrate their successes throughout the years...
He also made these really cool openable doors with duct tape for hinges. They look great and are functional too! Expect to see something similar in the upcoming Terraino Stongholds Construction Manual. Until then, you can get your hands on some of the beta pieces at :)
but one year their drunken hollers were heard from the nearby swamp where a fierce monster was awakened...
King Hrothgar's men were taken by surprise when the front gates burst open. everyone scattered in a frenzy...
interchangeable tabletops with magnets.
The monster ripped and smashed apart Hrothgar's men woman and children for 12 years.
Mattimeo's custom accessories have always been on point. He really puts a lot of effort into them and it shows. The pig on a spigot looks amazing and the tables! The tables have interchangable tops with different items on them. Brilliant and so Terraino! You can also see some papercraft crates in the background of the image below. Papercraft terrain is a great compliment to Terraino!

Hrothgar's pleas for a champion fell short every year until one day...

Mattimeo also made some clip on flags! Using the top of the walls as the connection point, he's made great looking, reusable flags. Wonderful!

Beowulf heard word of the tyranny. he took this as a challenge of valor. no other man dared challenge the monster for the stories of the horrors became history.
The circular snake from Norse mythology is also a really great focal point in the hall. Little touches like this  really go a long way to setting the stage.
it was this day that Grendel will meet his match. it was this day Hel and Valhalla stare each other in the eyes one more time. it was this day the dark harvest would end.
Some of the custom templates for this build.
Custom Terraino pieces, innovative modular tables and a great theme. For all these reasons, Mattimeo is one of this years winners of the Terrainotober Dark Harvest Challenge!
Check out more of Mattimeo's build in the Terraino Spotlight video!



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