Gaming Terrain Dungeon Walls in 60 Seconds or Less

Gaming Terrain Dungeon Walls in 60 Seconds or Less

TERRAINO is designed to be fast and easy to make. Why? Because one of the biggest barriers to people crafting tabletop gaming terrain is the time it takes. Nothing illustrates the speed at which you can make TERRAINO than the basic dungeon walls from the TERRAINO Dungeon Basics Tabletop Terrain Construction Manual. The wall templates included with it make creating a wall as simple as tracing the template onto a 2 inch strip of foamboard, cutting out the three pieces of the wall and hot gluing them together. 

And the painting and decorating? You know, the part that people dread? That's easy too. Just roll a foil ball over the surface of the wall to add a stone texture and then paint the wall by  dipping it into Quickcoat. You can learn more about this painting method in this video:

Can you tell that I don't like painting? I hope so! I do everything I can to make TERRAINO quick and painless to paint - no artistic talent necessary, no multiple coats of paint - just one coat or the Quickcoat paint formula. There's more details on Quickcoat and decorating your TERRAINO pieces in the must-have TERRAINO Dungeon Basics Tabletop Terrain Construction Manual. I should also probably mention that all the TERRAINO manuals come with a 14-day hassle free 100% money back guarantee so, if you just want to see if TERRAINO is for you, you don't risk anything. Want your money back? No problem, just get in touch with me and I will issue a refund - no questions asked.

Have you tried making TERRAINO walls? Maybe you've made walls for other tabletop terrain. How'd it go? I'd love to hear your experience in the comments below.

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Happy Crafting!


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