Welcome to TERRAINO version 2

Welcome to TERRAINO version 2

Welcome to TERRAINO version 2! First let’s talk about what hasn't changed. The pieces from TERRAINO version 1 are functionally identical to the pieces in version 2. That means that all your pieces that you currently have will work just fine with new version 2 pieces.


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What has changed is the way we build TERRAINO pieces and the tools that we use to build them. Version two is a big rethink of all the things that are in the TERRAINO ecosystem. What it came down to was trying to find a better way to make TERRAINO - make it easier to make, make it faster to make, make it less dependent on measurements and less dependent on the user's skill to cut well.  Those things dictated a lot of the changes to the existing manuals. The other thing that's dictated the change is the new upcoming manuals - The TERRAINO Castles & Catacombs Tabletop Terraino Construction Manual and the TERRAINO Modular Grid Tile TableTop Terrain Construction Manual - both of which introduce a lot of new pieces, the biggest of which is modular grid tiles. For the first time ever, we’ll have modular grid tiles just like we have modular walls. You can click them together, change the squares on top and you make solid floors now too.  Since grid tiles are now modular, reusable pieces, you can build a lot less grid tiles and use them more often. 

The TERRAINO Castles & Catacombs Tabletop Terrain Construction Manual introduces more new pieces than any single manual has before for the simple reason that it introduces pocket walls! They come in both single and double height versions and they also make your walls modular! Pocket walls contain a void in the middle of the wall where you can put a lot of different things including doors,  arrow slits, windows, even self-lit windows or just use it as a regular wall. 

You might notice that there's some missing videos up on YouTube. There may still be some videos missing when you are reading there but, fear not, they are all available from the links within the TERRAINO Construction Manuals. I'm taking this opportunity to release the new videos on a schedule to hopefully have the YouTube algorithm wake up a little bit and give TERRAINO some attention.

So what are you waiting for?! Go get started on version 2! If you haven’t already, grab the TERRAINO construction manuals. The best deal right now is the Settlements Bundle but, if you just want to get your feet wet with TERRAINO, then The TERRAINO Dungeons Starter bundle is the way to go. The Settlements bundle (as of writing this) is pinned at a 5 star rating from dozens of happy users but, if you aren’t satisfied with the manuals within 14 days of purchase,, I’ll be happy get you a prompt, no questions asked refund for you.

Happy Crafting!


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