Fast Tabletop Terrain Brick and Floorboard textures Using Combs

Fast Tabletop Terrain Brick and Floorboard textures Using Combs

Check out the video above to see how easy it is to make comb texturizers. There's also samples shown of the textures you can make with them.

Painting comb textured tabletop terrain floorboards

I love texturing with combs. It's a great solution to so many texturing challenges because it combines two features that are rare in texturing solutions. They are both cheap to make and make creating textures very fast. You can see examples of comb textures throughout the TERRAINO Castles & Catacombs Tabletop Terrain Construction Manual. All the brick textures and many of the textures on pocket wall inserts were made using comb texturizers.

 Brick tabletop terrain texture made with a comb

Almost any type of comb will do but I use combs from Dollar Tree because you can get a variety pack of them for only a but and, with a little modification, you can have a bunch of comb texturing options.

All these textures were made with combs

Combs allow you to make wooden planks, floorboards, brick walls, stone block floors, tiled floors and also interesting architectural accents. Combine comb textures with a rolling pin stone texturizer for even more possibilities.

Floorboards are a snap with a comb texturizer

Have you tried using a comb for texturing? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what your experience has been like.

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