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  • Fortified stronghold for D&D tabletop terrain
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New! TERRAINO Castles & Catacombs Tabletop Terrain Construction Manual

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This product requires the Starter Dungeons Bundle.

Build the castle, fort or stronghold of your dreams! Step by step guide with included tools, templates, textures and videos to make TERRAINO tabletop terrain pieces including new walls, doors, windows and battlements pieces!


  • New single and double height wall pieces
  • New modular walls allow you to build walls once and use them as walls, doors, windows and more
  • New Clip-on pieces allow you to attach battlements and railings to the edges of your grid tiles
  • Construct massive forts with beautiful textures using new texturing techniques
  • Included textures for windows, stone walls, wood paneling and doors add tons of detail with little effort
  • Included, printable templates make construction of highly detailed pieces a breeze
  • Hundreds of instructional images
  • 100 pages of detailed instructions
  • Beautiful inspirational TERRAINO photos throughout
  • Easy to learn tips and tricks to make TERRAINO crafting fast and simple
  • Budget friendly to build. No expensive materials used and all materials available in most any town's brick and mortar stores (Dollar Tree, Walmart). 
  • Fully interactive digital manual with linked table of contents and links throughout for associated video tutorials and sources for all materials used.


14-Day, Hassle-free, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Not satisfied? Get your money back. No questions asked.

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