The TERRAINO Experience: Stories from Our Builders

The TERRAINO Experience: Stories from Our Builders

We've all been there, right? You're deep into a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, and you can't help but wish you could bring your game to life with some fantastic terrain. But where do you start? That's where TERRAINO comes in, and our community of builders couldn't be happier!

Build by TERRAINO Discord member TheOokamikit.


The TERRAINO Experience

John J., a veteran modeler, said it best: "This system is superior to any you can buy—even 3D printed dungeons because TERRAINO is the heart of modeling. Using what you have, and building something amazing." And he's right! TERRAINO is all about using simple, affordable materials to create something truly extraordinary.

TERRAINO build by Spencer I.

Nathan F. and his family dove right into the TERRAINO system and found that once they got the hang of it, the possibilities were endless. "Four tutorial videos in and we get it! We made all the tools and used them to create floors, walls, connectors, and doors. At this point we could build many things and dungeons would be easy."

The Joy of Building

Katie R., a long-time crafter and DnD player, found joy in the building process. "I'm loving building these pieces! The instructions are easy to follow, materials are easy to get, and the results look great. The videos are incredibly helpful if you get stuck. Love it!"

TERRAINO build by Kevin H.

Samuel S. shared his excitement after finishing his first 20”x20” grid, saying, "It was so easy doing it with the tools you build for it. It was definitely worth the purchase."

The Final Result

And when the building is done, the real fun begins. Brad K. surprised his group with a TERRAINO set he made in under two weeks. "They’ve been loving it and I’ve started making the Taverns and Towns set. I plan to work through the entire series!"

TERRAINO build by TERRAINO Discord member MadRose.

Kevin H. echoed this sentiment, saying, "I love building the dungeon and the players really enjoyed the scenes. The process is easy to follow and the more I build the easier it gets."

Join the TERRAINO Community

When you start building with TERRAINO, you're not just creating terrain—you're joining a community. The TERRAINO community is a vibrant group of builders and gamers who share their creations, offer tips and advice, and provide inspiration for your next project. It's a fantastic way to connect with others who share your passion for tabletop RPGs and crafting.

TERRAINO build by TERRAINO Discord member CalofTyr.

In conclusion, uilding TERRAINO is more than just a crafting project—it's a journey of creativity, fun, and community. So why wait? Start building with TERRAINO today and take your gaming experience to the next level!

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