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TERRAINO Taverns & Towns Instructions, Tools & Templates

TERRAINO Taverns & Towns Instructions, Tools & Templates

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Wow Your Players with Terrain YOU Created
Download the Manuals Seconds After You Order

This product requires the Starter Dungeons Bundle.

Get this item at a discount as part of the Complete Settlements Bundle.

Step-by-step guide with included tools, templates, and videos to make TERRAINO tabletop terrain pieces including walls, doors, windows, and roofs for buildings or an entire town!

Craft Modular Buildings Complete with Doors, Windows, and Roofs

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions to build everything from the foundation to the roof peaks
  • Construct complete buildings with removable, self-contained floors for easy multi-story gameplay
  • Construct individual buildings or entire towns
  • Included, printable templates make the construction of highly detailed pieces a breeze
  • Hundreds of instructional images
  • Beautiful inspirational TERRAINO photos throughout
  • Easy to learn tips and tricks to make TERRAINO crafting fast and simple
  • Budget-friendly to build. No expensive materials are used and all materials are available in most any town's brick-and-mortar stores (Dollar Tree, Walmart). 
  • Fully interactive digital manual with linked table of contents and links throughout for associated video tutorials and sources for all materials used.

Use Your Manuals on Any Device

All TERRAINO Construction Manuals are digital and can be used on most any device with a screen (phones, computers, tablets, etc). The Manuals are specially designed to be living documents. Any future updates to the manuals are included in your purchase.

The Manuals are also fully interactive. Links throughout the document interconnect the table of contents and different areas of the document for fast navigation. There are also dozens of links to external resources, including the free accompanying videos, supplies, and other resources.

Print Everything You Need on Any Printer

Templates and tools are printable on home, office, or retail store printers. If you can print onto paper, you can print out TERRAINO tools and templates. The tools and templates are then finished off with cardboard and foamboard.

Watch this. TERRAINO Explained:

14-Day, No Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If Terraino turns out not to be for you, no problem. We'll refund the purchase of your manuals. No questions asked.

Learn to Build Dozens of Building-Themed TERRAINO Pieces

Windows, archways, brick walls, wood beam walls, 4 different roof systems, and new door designs specially made for free-standing buildings.

100+ Pages of Detailed Instructions

The manual is chock full of step-by-step instructions with plenty of images. Want to watch a how-to video instead? Just tap the "accompanying video" link in each chapter of the Manual.

Included Templates Make Terraino Building Fast & Easy

Tons of templates make it easy to craft a lot of pieces FAST. Never again will you spend hours just to finish a little bit of terrain.

Hours of Accompanying Videos

Watch the accompanying videos (all linked from within the manuals) as you read through the step-by-step instructions to reinforce what you are learning.