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  • TERRAINO Modular Floor Tiles Construction Manual
  • Plug seamless floors and gridded floors into your TERRAINO D&D tabletop terrain setups.
  • Detailed explaination of Core Modular Floor tile concepts.
  • Create stunning TERRAINO D&D Tabletop Terrain using seamless floors and modular floor tiles.
  • Included tools, templates and build guides make creating pieces simple.
  • TERRAINO Modular Floor grid borders and grid connectors are a snap to make using the accompanying printable build guides.
  • Step by Step instructions take you through making all the Modular Floor tile pieces.
  • TERRAINO D&D Tabletop Terrain Modular Floor Tiles allow you to mix and match solid and grided floors.
  • Hidden plugs connect together floor sections using TERRAINO Tabletop Terrain Modular Floor tiles.
  • TERRAINO Tabletop Terrain Modular Floors are connected together using grid connectors. Borders are added to allow putting walls on floor edges.
  • Grid connectors and borders make creating floors of almost any shape possible.
  • TERRAINO Modular Floor Tiles grid plugs allow you to mix and match different floor styles together.
  • Grid bases connect together to make different floor shapes.
  • TERRAINO Modular Floor grid borders add an edge to floors that you can attach walls and clip-ons to.
  • Grid connectors connect together grid bases in the TERRAINO Tabletop Terrain modular floor system.
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TERRAINO Modular Floor Tiles Construction Manual

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This product requires the Starter Dungeons Bundle.

This manual assumes you are comfortable making TERRAINO tools including scoring sleds and the grid tile jig and and all the TERRAINO pieces in The TERRAINO Dungeon Basics Construction Manual.

Welcome to Advanced TERRAINO

Modular Floor Tiles do for floors what TERRAINO walls do for... well... walls! Now you can build a collection of floors and connect them together in endless combinations! Build your floors once and use them forever.

  • Modular floor tiles are compatible with your existing grid tiles
  • Modular floor tiles fit snuggle together so you can lift them off your table just like regular grid tiles.
  • Grid connectors and borders are a snap to make using the included build guides printable on any home, office or retail store printer.
  • Grid bases connect together to make endless floor shapes
  • Grid borders finish off floors and allow you to place clip-ons and walls and on floor edges.
  • Grid plugs and floors "plug in" to grid bases allowing you to mix and match floors. Build wood floors, stone floors, dirt, grass - whatever - then mix and match floor types on your grid bases!
  • Make seamless floors - no visible grid squares - a first for TERRAINO!