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  • Turn the lights down low and let the light from TERRAINO tabletop terrain set the mood at your gaming table.
  • TERRAINO tabletop terrain manuals are a digital download
  • Learn to build TERRAINO decorators such as hanging banners.
  • Build socketed wall connectors to plug light up torches and architectural details into.
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TERRAINO Tech & Torches Construction Manual

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$19.99 USD

This product requires the Starter Dungeons Bundle.

Step by step guide with included tools, templates, textures and videos to bling out your TERRAINO tabletop terrain set! Learn to build single and double-height wall connectors. Then learn to build self lit torches, lanterns, architectural accents, banners and more that you can insert into socketed connectors to add tons of detail and really up the "wow" factor of your tabletop terrain.

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions with accompanying videos 
  • Templates and printable textures for fully lit torches, hanging flags and a tavern bar with LED lanterns
  • Templates for single and doubleheight socketed socketed wall connectors.
  • As with all TERRAINO, budget friendly to build.